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Tebow's Mom
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Good/Bad College Football Season

Well followers of this thread know I am an SEC football fanatic. It's been a good/bad season. MY number 1 team , the Florida Gators, had one of the worst seasons ever. They haven't had a losing season since back in the 70s. The high note of the season is the coach was fired and the new coach for the next season is a former Florida Offensive Coordinator who helped them win 2 National Championships. Now, my number 2 team, Alabama Crimson Tide, had a wonderful, undefeated season until the very last regular season game. Then, Bad game against an in-state rival game at the rivals home field. That is a game that is notorious for the best team not necessarily wining due to the hype and in state uncontrollable rivalry of the game (especially if it is not on your home field). Bama was number 1 all season except for one week an number 2. I thought for sure they would not be picked as one on the teams for the BCS playoffs for the National Championship since that would mean no representative from the Big 10 conference (even though the Big 10 conference winner had 2 losses and Bama only had 1 loss but they did not get to play in the SEC championship game as their only loss was to an SEC team west who also had only one loss so head to head sent the other team, Auburn, to the championship game, which Auburn lost. The selection committee shocked me (very pleasantly) by picking the "best 4 teams" instead of going for politically correct. There has never been 2 teams from the same conference in the play-offs until this year (Georgia and Alabama are both SEC Conference). So...Jan 1 expect to see 3 fluffs and their Mama all sporting Bama jerseys, tee-shirts and a sweat shirt. Roll Tide!!!!!
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Maltese Authority
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I am not a sport fan. I rarely watch sports. I will watch gymnastics or ice skating (mostly if it is dance) sometimes.
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Emma's Mama
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Originally Posted by MalteseJane View Post
I am not a sport fan. I rarely watch sports. I will watch gymnastics or ice skating (mostly if it is dance) sometimes.
Gymnastics and figure skating are definitely my idea of watching sports, too!!
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