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  3. [News] Critics lament celebrities' 'pocket pet' fascination
  4. [News] Pet Owners Seek Justice for Maltese Dog
  5. [News] Animals Really Do Have Healing Powers
  6. [News] Two Maltese Saved From Being Dinner?
  7. [News] Helmsley housekeeper sues over dog bites
  8. [News] Pam's Little Dog Is a Cover Star
  9. [News] Mystery surrounds dogs that leap off bridge
  10. [News] Don't Forget Safety With Canines in Cars
  11. [News] Idea's fetching, but dog cloning gives pause
  12. [News] Hypoallergenic, or Just Hype?
  13. [News] 'Paws' to read with a certified therapy dog
  14. [News] The dogs were barking in the park for the Coulee Region Humane Society
  15. [News] AKC Breeds and Varieties Allow Allergy Sufferers to Consider Dog Ownerships
  16. [News] Uniontown teen hangs his dog
  17. [News] Helping Mother Nature comes naturally for some
  18. [News] One good deed deserved another for this family
  19. [News] A Southwestern legend returns
  20. [News] Jewelry for pets proving to be booming business as owners dote on dogs
  21. [News] Midstate dogs have their day — and much more
  22. [News] Officials investigate store selling puppies
  23. [News] Maltese Mauled in Australia
  24. [NEWS] Maltese found starved to death
  25. [News]Coyote snatches Maltese dog from backyard
  26. Dog Nanny a thriving industry
  27. [NEWS] A Tale of dogs and bars
  28. [NEWS]Pretty faces aren't enough at Westminster
  29. [NEWS]Police dogs prepare to give blood
  30. Faux fur going to the dogs
  31. Animal cruelty: 60 dogs put down
  32. [NEWS] Pet Dogs to Be Killed in Anti-Rabies Campaign
  33. [NEWS] Dogs suffering eating disorders
  34. [NEWS]Americans have begun to medicate their dogs, cats and sometimes other pets much
  35. Animals gassed!
  36. $45,000 Award Won in Court
  37. 1st Canine Prostheses
  38. My fellow San Diegans...All others too!
  39. Just Horrible
  40. Maltese Mom and Baby Squirrel
  41. [NEWS] Rat Poison to blame for food recall!
  42. Dog Fancy June Issue
  43. Got New Book
  44. Book tips
  45. Book tip #2
  46. June Dog Fancy Magazine
  47. Be Kind To Amimals Week And National Pet Week
  48. The Birth Of Maltese
  49. Maltese in need of help, please read
  50. New appreciation for spaying, neutering and rescues
  51. Maltese tears and nipping
  52. [News] Leona Helmsley Leaves $12 Million to Her Maltese in Will
  53. Ruling Against Man in Death of Puppy
  54. Spaying and Neutering Your Pet
  55. Doggie Gets Death Threats
  56. 3 Chihuahua pups are given a new life
  57. Death Tally From Tainted Food
  58. Compensation To Be Paid
  59. An underdog’s second chance
  60. Westminster Dog Show starts tonight
  61. Happy Ending in Puppy Mill Case!!!
  62. Uno retiring from show ring!!!
  63. We'll be celebrating 'National Maltese Day' on.....
  64. 7 Wonders of the World
  65. Sick, sick, sick, artist uses dog off street for art form
  66. Raid nets fighting bulldogs!!!!!
  67. Oprah takes on the puppy mills....4/4/08
  68. 8 Things You Can Do After Watching Oprah's Puppy Mill Show
  69. Happy '1st' Annual National Maltese Day (4/15/08)
  70. "Trouble's Annual Income"
  71. Angel's Gate on Oprah
  72. Oprah again
  73. DAWGs Look Out For Mistreated Pets.....
  74. Rottweiler named 'Chance' had a twister of a ride!!!!!
  75. 9 Year Old Maltese Looses Millions In Inheritance Settlement
  76. 700 saved from Puppy Mill
  77. Dog thief gets stiff sentence from judge....
  78. Pet Insurance
  79. HMMMM Black Maltese?
  80. Designer Dogs
  81. Tragic death on Texas highway
  82. West Virginia Puppy Mill Bust
  83. Pets left behind
  84. Florida man dives in to save his dog from shark!!!
  85. Lost Florida dog found in Chicago.....1200 miles from home!!!!
  86. Flour Power Vs. Peta
  87. HSUS finished Petland Investigation
  88. Humane Society sues retailers, designers over fur
  89. Puppy Scams and Cons
  90. dog save another dog on freeway
  91. what'd you guys think of this?
  92. Co-worker gets dog
  93. Fake Vet gets caught
  94. Dressing dogs in the UK
  95. Top 10 Dogs of the Year
  96. Top Dog Names of 2008
  97. Obamas' pooch options narrowed to two
  98. Female Chihuahua rescues her mate from hawk!!!!
  99. Puppy Mill up here in WA
  100. Maltese Thought for the Day
  101. Westminster starts tonight
  102. Thornton's Kennels Raided
  103. 150 dogs, tiger rescued from Missouri dog breeder
  104. Jack has message for all MT pups!!!
  105. White House dog
  106. Dog Fancy Magazine for March has....
  107. 1 of Oprah's puppies dies!!
  108. Puppy mill busted in Chicago!!!!
  109. Dog saves other dog
  110. Dog overboard survives four months
  111. Animal ER Houston.
  112. Some People Need to be Treated the Way They Treat a Pet!!!!
  113. ASPCA Experts Help Secure Puppy Mill Conviction
  114. Surfer save drowning kangaroo!!
  115. Doggy Son stands guard over hit Mommy Dog!!!
  116. Wisconsin Rescue Update: Sanctuary Owner Charged
  117. Happy Tails Salon drama....sad
  118. Puppy Mill Bust
  119. Unbelieveable Cruelty
  120. Neighbor poisons dog (on tv yesterday)
  121. Another Unbelievable Report
  122. Woman marries her dog.
  123. Puppy Mills Again!
  124. Taco Bell Dog, Gidget, Dies
  125. what an amazing story
  126. Top 10 US Pet Friendly Cities of 2009
  127. Bill in U.S. House
  128. Dog tossed to death!!!!
  129. Oldest dog according to Guinness died 8/28
  130. Hoarder in Queens, NY
  131. Please read - Important -
  132. Gotta watch this new show on Sept. 25th
  133. Jessica Simpson's maltipoo
  134. Help Support the HAPPY Act
  135. Dog Fighting Ring Raided in next town over from me!!!!!
  136. dogs 101
  137. Hope the Malt with a special gift
  138. More charges in dogfighting raid
  139. freekibble.com
  140. Pets for Life: Helping People and Their Pets
  141. UK changing quarentine laws?
  142. The Woes of Over Breeding Dogs
  143. 2 Found Guilty of Dog-Fighting!!!!
  144. Fifty-one puppies Rescued!
  145. Dog gets tongue stuck in shredder!!!
  146. Boy and his dog die in pond
  147. Still Man's Best Friend
  148. 2009 Most Popular Dog Names
  149. 14 Rescue Dogs Stolen, Johnson City, TN
  150. ASPCA Assists in Rescue of 75 Puppy Mill Dogs‏
  151. Dog robbed of winter coat!!!!
  152. 53 sick puppies rescued from trailer!!!!!
  153. Westminster ends tonigh
  154. Rabies reaction or something more?
  155. Update on 53 Dogs Saved
  156. maltese attacked and killed on the Gold Coast
  157. Helpful links for MT pet owners
  158. just in case info before you travel with your pet.
  159. Conchita is Rich!
  160. ASPCA Rescues 85 Dogs
  161. Maltese Dies From Heatstroke!!!!!
  162. Illinois Petstore Bill passes!
  163. Another Puppy mill :(
  164. Husky Dog shot by Federal Cop
  165. Priorities and Animals
  166. Airline’s Puppy Deaths Spark Debate about Commercial Breeders
  167. Animal Hoarder arrested in Cherokee County GA
  168. Outrage over man who left puppies at closed shelter!!!
  169. furbabies safety
  170. question re maltese talk
  171. 100 Sled dogs slaughtered in Canada
  172. BC SPCA failed those dogs!
  173. Happy National '3rd' Maltese Day (4/15)
  174. June is National Diaster Preparedness Month
  175. June 5 - June 11 - Pet Appreciation Week
  176. June 12th-World Pet Memorial Day
  177. June 19-25 is Animal Rights Awareness Week
  178. Saw a Black Maltese in Michigan!!!!!!
  179. Snuggles...
  180. PETA's new website!!!!!! I'm not amused
  181. Maltese dog missing for year after car crash is headed home
  182. Dog owners who dress up their pets could face prosecution
  183. Did Petco and PetSmart go good?
  184. Ireland bans puppy mills!
  185. Clone Your Dog For The Low, Low Price Of $50,000
  186. Dog kidnapping in our area!!!
  187. Maltese puppy stolen
  188. Any one watching Westminster?
  189. Man arrested for stopping child that was harassing his cat
  190. Poodle Returning Home
  191. Dog poisoned and buried away makes full recovery!!!
  192. Stray dog finds new born baby!!!
  193. Lost Maltese
  194. What did you think of Westminster 2013 winner?
  195. Love Your Pet Day~February 20th!!!
  196. Are you watching Crufts?
  197. April Pet Month dates to remember
  198. Maltese's Renewed Life
  199. Happy National Pet Parent's Day!!! (4/28)
  200. National Pet Week 2013
  201. Stolen Maltese
  202. National Dog Day 2013
  203. Makes me so mad!!
  204. Check this out!!!
  205. A first for San Diego International Airport
  206. This app for Jack? No way!!!
  207. FDA investigates pet treats from China!!
  208. Puppy Super Bowl commericals
  209. What did you think of this years Westminster winner?
  210. Great Olympic story of saving dogs
  211. Today is.....
  212. Our state county just might be getting this right!!!
  213. Spoiled rotten Maltese...
  214. Bravo to Petco and PetsMart
  215. June Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations!!
  216. Austin Dog Show in October
  217. Maltese Involved in Miracle Cancer Cure
  218. Dog-Flu outback in our county, 5 dogs dead so far!
  219. World Lab Animal Day
  220. National Dog Day 2015
  221. National Dog Week-2015
  222. New radio station
  223. Tracker for your pet?
  224. Happy National Pet Day!!!
  225. Pet Parent Day
  226. Happy National Puppy Day!!
  227. National Pet Day!