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jrgarcia 11-22-2016 04:51 AM

Prince is Potty Pad Trained But Won't...
Hi all! Finally picked up my 9 week old Maltese puppy yesterday! He was a surprise pup and has been staying with a family friend for the last week and a half until I returned from traveling. He is 100% potty Pad trained while in his play pen at their home so I was thrilled about this!

Tonight has been his first night here and proud to report, there was no crying because he can see me from his crate (on my desk) but I've been waking up every 3 hours to take him out to potty.

The first time I took him to the living room (which is where I prefer the potty Pad to be) but there were too many distractions it seemed and he didn't have to go.

The second time, I moved them to the bathroom where I myself was and it's right next to my bedroom and he deliberately chose my bath mat and floor as opposed to the potty pad which is 1 foot away from him.

Any clue what's going on here?! He was apparently not making any mistakes before besides occasionally waking up in the middle of the night in his play pen, moving the potty Pad to other side of the pen, and then pooping on the floor. That was maybe 3 times.

Any help is appreciated!

Tebow's Mom 11-22-2016 04:04 PM

He's a baby. There will be a lot of mistakes. I do outside potty so may not have the best advice for potty pad, but one idea is to actually place him on the pad so he doesn't have to figure out where to do. The night is hard because you need sleep too. But during the day, take him on a schedule to his potty pad. If he doesn't go, put him back in his crate and try again in 15 min. Dogs don't like to soil their crates. Also go to the pet store and get a spray for removing/cleaning up dog pee. Regular carpet cleaners don't work - they don't have the right enzymes to eliminate the smell and then the dogs go back to potty in the same spot. I use Nature's Miracle but there are other ones out there. Also, if he's in a crate, you don't need to set an alarm (unless you are such a deep sleeper you wouldn't hear him). Sometimes they quickly go to longer stretches at night. Mine always started out with a low whine and progressively got louder until I paid attention and woke up to take them out. It's a process. Hang in there.

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