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MaxJack'sMom 04-11-2017 12:54 PM

National Pet Day!
Today is a special day for all pets. We celebrate them for being in our lives. Whether they are just a pet, a working pet, a companion pet, a therapy pet, they all give us the most unconditional love. They provide wondrous adventures, laughter, exercise, a helping hand, cuddle time, babysitting, guarding, maybe saved your life or the life of another, no matter what, they just do it and a pat on the head, a hug or a treat is not too much to ask to give them.
I wish all pets had a wonderful life, but as we know not all are as lucky as some. I pray that they have no harm and someday someone will give them the chance to give them the joy that we all have.
We humans, as generous as many are in this world, still could learn a lot from their pet.

Please take the time to celebrate your pet! They deserve it.

Cheryl and Jack:maltese3:

Samantha113 12-09-2017 04:49 AM

Happy National Pet day!

As MaxJack'sMom said, some pets are less lucky than the others, but I keep believing that caring people can make it a better place <3

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