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Tebow's Mom 10-04-2019 03:07 PM

Well that's a wrap on 2019 Fall Road Trip. Here's a quick overview:
An entire month trip
Excursions in 2 countries (US and Alberta, Canada)
Drove through 14 US states
6 of those states were new states on our quest to visit all 50 states
Visited 9 US capitols
Went to 6 National Parks
Visited 3 National Monuments
Went to 1 State Park
Most dramatic: Glacier National Park in Montana
A favorite experience: Custer State Park in South Dakota
Up close and personal: wildlife viewing (buffalo, prairie dogs, elk, a bear, a
Most surprising: North Dakota Capitol Building in Bismark - it just looks like a
22 story office building. You'd never guess it was a Capitol.
Fun: Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky (bourbon distillery - been to beer
breweries and wineries but this was the first distillery - and it was free
Special: meeting up with Raleigh friends for 2 days of camping in Jackson
Disappointing: I thought we would see a lot of leaf color but we saw very little
hence a plan for New England next fall!
Relief: No RV van troubles!

Already looking forward to our next adventure.

MalteseJane 11-02-2019 11:05 AM

WOW ! Welcome back home. That was a lot of traveling.

Morkie4 11-02-2019 04:40 PM

Wowser, you've been everywhere and then some. NOW I believe you are definitely retired and living the good life. Sounds like you had tons of fun. How did the boys do???

MaxJack'sMom 11-26-2019 08:47 PM

Sounds wonderful! I do miss our 30 day road trips. Glad you had fun and were safe.

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