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Anyone ever try Halo Dog Food

I am still feeding organix, but decided I wanted to try a no chicken diet. I have learned that poultry based foods effect the eyes. I have read so many testimonials that the eye stain totally disappeared feeding no chicken. I got so frustrated searching for a food. I have tried Acana, fromms, and so many more. I finally asked an advisor on chewy. I wanted no chicken, weight management 5 star food for small breed. Halo is 4.5 stars. My question to Carol, is this one of the foods you feed? I am also using Instinct can food as well as the mixers for a treat. This is the only food out of the thousands of kibble that has all that I requested. If I had big dogs, I would have more choices. ha. Don't ask me why, but it is what it is. All the reviews were positive and most said their dogs loved the food. The down side, it only comes in 10 lb. bags. Since it is a measured amount for each dog, this is not a great concern to me. Now for the bad news. Chewy has been bought out by PetSmart. Every breeder, dog owner I know used chewy with free shipping and delivered to my house. Now they are boycotting. ha. Basically because it is now HSUS backed. For the moment, I have not noticed a huge price change. The problem and hearsay at this point that some companies are backing out of Chewy. Until I find another source, I will wait for other kennel, dog owners, show breeders to comment on FB. I have popped in time to time, but no one was posting. I keep up with most on FB but miss so many of you. Texas has been having bad weather and tornado season is just gearing up in this area. The most tornados are graphed during the month of May and June. I have been busy taking care of granddaughters. My daughter and hubby got food poisoning and I had to leave during a violent storm to go help. Got home and heard from my son. Their sitter decided to take a vacation before school ends. ha. Again, I drove in storms to save the day. I am now home, the dogs have settled down. My hubby said they whined, got him up at 3:00 am, and were totally depressed. ha. Zeus, the Yorkie, turned 17 April 29th. He is blind, deaf, senile, panic attacks, takes 2 people to groom, potty's on the floor 9 times out of 10. We considered putting him down, but we just can't do it. He is not in pain to justify doing so. Ben retired in February so both of us are home. We will be there for him until his card is called by God. My daughter and hubby are coming this weekend for Tiki Fest. The VF (Vanity Fair) is giving 25 bags to the first 25 shoppers. You stuff your bag with all the clothes and get 25% off. Drawings every hour. Then to Stripes and Brew and all proceeds go for the care of homeless dogs. That is all the news from Texas and wishing all you guys the best.
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