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Originally Posted by Morkie4 View Post
I believe lentils are considered a vegetable but are also used as a protein in diets.
legumes are considered a "pulse" (whatever that is) from the legume family which is beans I think. Confusing. Lentils are good in people stews.

I do think they get tired of the same food. I try to spice up the dinner kibble. Blue has a couple of small breed cans (the cans are small, and they just get a a little for flavor so one little can lasts 4 days for 3 dogs). There is a lamb can and a no grain can. Halo used to have a Spots Stew shredded chicken for small dogs. I haven't been able to find that for a while though and that would not help Carol. I do keep a couple of the trial packets of the freeze dried Instinct packages around. I crumble the pieces up and mix it in the kibble (that way they can't just pick out the yummy pieces). 1 little bag lasts several days as an additive to kibble. We have been using Wellness small breed kibble and it's ok but I keep thinking there is probably better. Just haven't had time to research yet.
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