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Patience please

Hang in their my friends. I haven't been on as much lately. These weeks leading up to retirement are doozies. Others have made comments that I should just let things go cause what can they do - fire me?! But that is just not me. I'm going to leave on a high note and not leave anything undone. The catch is some of the work from now till Dec 21 could be finished in Jan after break if I was still working in Jan but I won't be there and that's not right as someone else wouldn't know the child and have all the info I have. So for 11 more days I will be busting tail to not leave anything undone. I may be retiring but I still love my teammates since they are like me and are incredible professionals and I won't leave them in a mess and cleaning up my work. Counting down. 11 more days and then all the time I want to have fun (including posting here). Keep me in your thoughts and pull for me the next 1 11 days.
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