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First Grooming

Well, Fiona went to the groomer for the first time (since we've had her) yesterday and the groomer said she did pretty well but had a couple of 'moments'!

It started off a bit bad as Fi did her usual growl and snarl at meeting a new person but warmed up a bit before we left and actually let Barb hold her at the end.

It's obvious she's been professionally groomed before as she loves for me to brush her and doesn't seem to mind having her feet touched or her ears cleaned, etc. However, she doesn't like having her tail touched at all.

So, I was relieved she did as well as she did.

One thing both the vet and Barb said though makes me want to get a dna test for her. Both said she looked a lot like a West Highland Terrier and not as much like a Maltese! Since she was groomed, she looks less like a Maltese but we still love her.
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