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Unhappy Buffy

Well I think I am going to lose my mind!!

I still have not recovered from having just lost Toby 4 weeks ago to cancer and now this.
Buffy has been having seizures due to possible liver issues according to the blood work the vet did on her. She is on antibiotics for two weeks (gave her a shot for her first dose) and a recheck next week to see if the blood results are improved. So hoping that is the issue and it clears up. I'm walking on pins and needles watching her.......there are no visible warnings that she is going to have a seizure until she falls to the ground and then it's just laying with her and watching. Her last seizure she stopped breathing and I did compressions and she began breathing again.......but it was so scary. After a seizure she acts normal within 20 minutes like nothing happened but I'm a total wreck.

She is our smallest Maltese that we adopted when she was 4 1/2 years old because the previous owner was downsizing and was going to put her down. We immediately went to Miami to get her and she turned out to be such a spunky but loving little girl.
She will turn 15 in February.
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