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Originally Posted by MaxJack'sMom View Post
Poor Tebow! We had great weather, but today it took a drastic turn. We might get some 'snow' tomorrow
Hope he feels better.
Thanks! He does feel better. He still has several more day of medicine but the Vet cut them into the needed small pieces. They are so small that I can put them in with dinner and when I add the little bit of wet food that they get at dinner, Tebow doesn't even notice and wolfs it down. Thank goodness! We've had other pills in the past that had to be given more than once a day and were bigger and he would lick off the peanut butter or eat around the pill pocket and leave the medicine. At least these are so small that he doesn't notice! His hair is starting to grow back thank goodness. Even my boys were commenting about his hair loss.
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