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Battle Scars

Bentley and I had a war and I'm not sure who won but he is clipped and he looks good. He is never a fan of getting clipped but yesterday was one of the worst times. I muzzle him to clip him. He knew what was coming as Ollie and Tebow had already gone. He nipped me putting on the muzzle. And then somehow he managed to get that dang muzzle off a couple of times during the trim and get me. I did his face last and by that point he was pretty decent. Good thing because you can't do the face with a muzzle. Had to do a lot of nos and good boys and pauses but we got the face done. Tebow is good about having his body clipped but he wiggles and groans and cries for the legs and face. Ollie is good as gold about being clipped. Thank goodness 1 of the 3 is very easy.
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