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Originally Posted by eillo View Post
My little Oliver had a number of medical issues throughout his life.
First he had an autoimmune clotting problem at the age of 5, then bladder stones, after which he was diagnosed with Cushings (age of 7). They treated the cushings and it became Addison's disease. He was treated with prednisone. At 10, he developed Bladder cancer, had surgery and chemo and I finally lost him at the grand old age of 15.5 years. This was the little dog no one ever thought would grow into old age. Miracles can happen. He was my miracle dog.

So, do not lose hope. Just love the little one.

My vet, however, kept telling me next dog Pet Insurance. Thus my Sherlock today is insured.
My goodness your little one went through a lot of problems and still made it to 15 years old. But at what price ! And he made it because of you.

My first Maltese had 2 surgeries (each leg) for luxating patella and cruciate ligament. He was a jumper and this did not help. He also came down with thrombocetopenia (idiotic because they did not know where it came from). We treated it with prednisone and he did not have another recurrence. Then at age 10 he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. With the medicine he made it to age 14.

Now with Charlie I have pet insurance too. Used it twice already for his teeth. He has really bad teeth and at age 7 he already lost 10 teeth. The funny thing is that the more teeth he loses the more he eats. So I hope he is not going to lose more teeth. Lol.
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