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Originally Posted by MalteseJane View Post
Cox has TV too but we don't want them. We have a better image with satellite. And I hear from other people that they have problems. Another problem is that if Cox is out you don't have any internet and TV and land line. At least with the satellite we still have TV. It used to be that you did not need boxes with Cox for TV, but they changed to fiber optic and now you need boxes too. I don't think that with Roku alone you are able to receive all the programming from the cable. A lot of people use Roku for streaming. I am not going to stream in the bedroom. We have access to all the programs through the Dish box so no need for Roku really if I don't want to stream. And if I want to stream Netflix in the bedroom I can use my laptop. Oh, we don't have spliters and we can record one channel and watch another. Lol, the box in the living room is DVR but we never record anything.
There is a spectrum app so we get full cable on all TVs. Downstairs with the cable box we can watch one channel and record another. Satellite is not that great here. You often lose signal when it rains and it rains frequently. Once we were watching the grandkids for several days at their house while Mom and Dad went on a trip. It snowed/sleeted and the dang mess froze in the dish. Hubby had to take a blow drier out to melt it to get TV again. You just can't win. Our cable has 2 different inputs: TV and internet. One can actually go out and the other stay on. We got everything hooked up, our nephew came and tweaked it but we are still having trouble holding the internet signal. The wireless signal is fine but we lose the internet signal and have to reset the router. We have to get the cable company back out. I think we prob need a new modem/router. Ughhh. Technology.
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