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Originally Posted by Morkie4 View Post
Ain't that the truth! We just had AT & T come through our neighborhood and lay cable for high speed internet. We have spectrum and we're happy with it. They dug deep trenches and dug up a cactus or two (all on my property) and made a mess. Dug up the grass and just laid it back with roots showing. UGH! A technology we did not need or want and a mess of the front yard.

I would upload pictures but we all know about uploading pictures on MT!
I don't agree with the mess they left, but, if Spectrum was the only one to have lines, they had a monopoly. You are happy with Spectrum. but what if you would not be happy with them ? You would not have a choice to go to another company.

See, we have the problem here. When Pulte started to build homes, Cox put in the lines for internet, tv and phones. Pulte made a contract with them for a number of years where you, as a home owner, had to pay for basic tv even if you did not use them (we have Dish Network but some have Direct tv). For internet or land lines, there was no choice. A lot of people here are unhappy with their internet service. Two or 3 years ago, another company came in "Zona" and they put in lines for internet and phone, but ONLY it the new areas being constructed. They have a lot better service, and we in the old areas, would love to change to Zona but cannot because there are no lines in front of our homes. It is easier for them and a lot cheaper to put in the fiber optic lines in the new construction areas. To service the older areas it will cost them a lot more money and they have to find investors to do it. And it will involve digging up trenches in people's front yards. They try to go underground for some distances but at one point they have to go up or down and to go inside your house they surely have to put a trench. So of course it will be an inconvenience for a time.

Cox seems to be doing better lately. Not as much complains about being down. But for a time it was constantly. And they said it was because some people in an area where shooting at the lines and they had trouble repairing them because they needed the police to protect them to do it. Of course, nobody believed them until at that same place a lady got killed by a stray bullet. Finally they closed that shooting area and since then no more outages. It is really sad that somebody had to be killed for the officials to close that place. Cox now is putting the cables underground there.
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