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"Puppy Culture" socialization

I apologize for posting in 2 places but I didn't mean to put this in the classified section. It's more a general question for finding the right breeder.

Here it is:
Does anyone here have a recommendation for a breeder who follows the socializing guidelines as demonstrated in the videos called Puppy Culture? These videos show all the stages for socialization as outlined years ago and posted here in the Carol Kufnerarticle. We are willing to fly to just about any state west of the Mississippi to go pick up the right puppy. We live in the Denver area.
Thank you very much for any suggestions.
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Sorry your posts have gone unanswered for a while but sometimes members mistake posts like this for spam.

Also, I don't know if anyone has even heard of 'Puppy Culture', I know I haven't, so doubt if anyone can help you.

Sorry we couldn't help.
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I am no familiar with that term either. Perhaps you could post a link to a blog or site that we could become familiar with what that refers to.

Welcome to Maltesetalk.
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I have no idea what you mean by "Puppy Culture" either. That's why I did not answer the post. Thought somebody else will know.
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