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Tebow's Mom
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Well that's a wrap on 2019 Fall Road Trip. Here's a quick overview:
An entire month trip
Excursions in 2 countries (US and Alberta, Canada)
Drove through 14 US states
6 of those states were new states on our quest to visit all 50 states
Visited 9 US capitols
Went to 6 National Parks
Visited 3 National Monuments
Went to 1 State Park
Most dramatic: Glacier National Park in Montana
A favorite experience: Custer State Park in South Dakota
Up close and personal: wildlife viewing (buffalo, prairie dogs, elk, a bear, a
Most surprising: North Dakota Capitol Building in Bismark - it just looks like a
22 story office building. You'd never guess it was a Capitol.
Fun: Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky (bourbon distillery - been to beer
breweries and wineries but this was the first distillery - and it was free
Special: meeting up with Raleigh friends for 2 days of camping in Jackson
Disappointing: I thought we would see a lot of leaf color but we saw very little
hence a plan for New England next fall!
Relief: No RV van troubles!

Already looking forward to our next adventure.
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Maltese Authority
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WOW ! Welcome back home. That was a lot of traveling.
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Wowser, you've been everywhere and then some. NOW I believe you are definitely retired and living the good life. Sounds like you had tons of fun. How did the boys do???
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Old 11-26-2019, 08:47 PM   #4
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Sounds wonderful! I do miss our 30 day road trips. Glad you had fun and were safe.
We do not have to wait for Heaven, it is here on Earth and has four legs
My life: a marathon, a jog, a walk (now) and the end will be a crawl.
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