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Tebow's Mom
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Don't change the routine

Amazing how our fluffs know the routine. My boys were all hiding because I was using the carpet shampooer. When I finished I called them and said it's time for bed. They all ran up the stairs and sat outside the bedroom door. I told them no we are sleeping downstairs tonight (hubby is coughing like he has the plague and I wanted some sleep). They all just looked at me like I was crazy. They wouldn't follow me. I picked up Bentley and told the others to come on. They just sat. So I had to take Bentley downstairs, plop him on the bed (with my nightgown there) and then go back for the other 2. They still wouldn't come so I carried them downstairs too.
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I know what you mean. We don't even mention the word "bed" around here unless we are really ready to go to bed. They all run to the gate with tails wagging, waiting for it to be opened. Once it is open, it's like a combination of a greyhound race track and a stampede of horses. Gotta love them.
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Maltese Authority
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Awww, they just wanted to comfort your husband! Even as new as Fi is, she knows the routine here too.
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Same at my house!
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