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Nana camp

Today is day 2 of Nana Track Out Camp. My 5 year old grandson attends a year round school and is out for the first 3 weeks of January. So, since Nana is retired now.....

I taught Evan how to play the card game War. Oh my. We've played more games of War in the last 2 days than I care to count. He LOVES it. I need suggestions for more card games a 5 year old can play! I'm going to teach him Slap Jack but I'm drawing a blank on the other easy card games. I think I have Uno somewhere if I can find it.

Evan was behind on his track out homework. So today we went to Target and bought a composition book for him to do his first 2 days of homework. We got through it but he was much more in the mood to play. Took some convincing that yes we were going to do that first and then we would .... The 2 times were even broken up during the day. I sure don't miss being the homework monitor!

I had planned on some hikes as we have great Greenway Trails and city and county parks near here with good trails but the weather has not cooperated and don't think it will next week either. UGH.

At least since we live in the Capitol city for our state we have free state museums downtown. Tomorrow I'm going to take him to the Science Museum. They have a great butterfly room where the butterflys are flying all around.
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