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Plucking hair from the ears?

Today at work we took a CPR certification course and afterwards I was talking with the instructor about how to render dog aid. We got to talking about dog ailments and I was saying how when Mitzy reverse sneezes she will come to me and let me plug her nose which makes her stop snorting (I don't know why this works but it does). He said it was her way of clearing her sinuses from her ears. So I made a comment about the plucking the hair in which he responded that I shouldn't be plucking the hair I'm so confused now! Is this something that we no longer are supposed to be doing? I'll be honest in I probably don't do it as often as I should be but I do still pluck it when I remember..

What is our verict with this?
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I pluck and think it is better than not doing it. Mine don't seem to be bothered when I do it.
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I will say it depends the dog. With Alex I never had to plug. He barely had hairs growing in them. Charlie has more hairs but even so I will do it only when I see it could create a problem. He had it done only once since I have him and I asked the vet to do it. If the dog is susceptible to ear infections, I would certainly keep the hair out of it.
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I agree with Janine. It depends on the dog. Some don't have much hair. I have two that have so much hair and if it is not plucked, they have ear problems.
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Valerie Jestic
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On non-shedding dogs you have to pluck the hairs, or they will get an ear infection, but on our chihuahua, we don't.
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From all I've read drop ear dogs should have it done as they are more suceptible to ear infections. If there is a lot of hair in the ears, the ears tend to hold in dirt which can lead to problems . My vet says pluck
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Jack gets his plucked when he has his check-up and the dermatologist also cleans and plucks the hair because with his allergies, he has to have it done.
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I used to pluck their hair but it seems they really didn't need it so I seldom do it now. The only one is my poor Joshie because his ear infection keeps coming back.
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