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Jack pranked Mom!!

We get home from Nose Work on Monday night, I let my son and Jack out before I back the car into the garage. Jack always runs right away into the back yard thru the garage door and heads to the house.
I backed the car in, turned it off, got out, got the treat bag and water bottle out, got to the side door, shut off the light and shut the door.
I was in the house putting things away, changed clothes and my son asks where's Jack?
I'm like, what do you mean, where's Jack, he came in with you. He said no he didn't. We looked all over the house. We looked in the back yard, yelling 'Jack' and no answer.
My son opens the garage side door and there's Jack just sitting by the cars smiling!!
I couldn't believe he'd stay in that dark garage and not bark up a storm all by himself!
So, last night he tried to do the same thing when he helped me put the car away. I let him down, closed the car door and when I looked down he was gone. I called for him, no answer, I went to the back yard, no Jack, went back into the garage and started walking around the cars. He was playing hide-n-seek with me, just keeping one car length ahead of me.
I'm on the other side of the garage and then I hear a little bark and I see him scram out the side door .
I gotta think of a good prank to pull on him!
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Little stinker. That was a good one. He so got you.
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