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Exclamation Helping a Dog that is Choking

How to save your dog from a deadly airway obstruction.
Dogs rarely choke, but its usually the result of something that has been inhaled and is caught in the airway. A choking dog appears anxious and struggles to breathe. He may quickly become unconscious. In a weak or unconscious dog, it is often possible to simply reach into the back of the mouth and remove the object. Open the dogs mouth, pull on his tongue to extend and look for the object. If you can't see or remove it with your fingers, gently lift the dog by his back legs, with his head hanging down. If he is too large to suspend, stand him on his front legs, holding his rear legs in the air so that he assumes a wheelbarrow position. If this action does not result in the removal of the object, the Heimlich maneuver may dislodge it.

Performing the Heimlich maneuver on a dog is similar to doing so on a human. Place the dog in front of you, facing away from you, encircle him with your arms, and place a fist just below his rib cage. Compress the abdomen several times with your fist in a thrusting manner, then check the mouth to see if the object came free. If it has, but the dog is not breathing, administer CPR, and contact a veterinary hospital.


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Thank you Carol!! That was a great information!!
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also wanted to add a friends website in here also, and I am sure they are all of the US (That one is just our local help)
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Great Info! That's a very important first aid maneuver we need to learn.
Research first about maltese dog @ before you get one.
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