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I was talking with a Maltese owner who's dog had eye stain and ear infections. Her vet said to stop feeding chicken and no dog food with chicken in it. She did and she has had no more problems. That was two years ago and her dogs have not had anymore ear or eye problems. She said she thought it was from water getting in the ears but her dogs now swim in the pool. I know Fresh Pet has a beef and lamb. I checked Organix and it has a lot of chicken in it. Fromms has some chicken but mainly fish. Anyone know a good rated dog food that has no chicken in it. I have a testing kit so I am going to test one of the boys that gets ear infections and see the results.
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I use nature's variety limited ingredient lamb and peas as well as the limited ingredient duck and neither have chicken.......both are small kibble.
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I had mentioned on an earlier post about my chelsea being muscled tested. Vet found she was allergic to beef and chicken. Had been eating for more than 10 years. Once her diet was changed, her eyes did no stain her hair anymore.
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