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Is my puppy a Maltese?

We got our puppy Lennon about 3 weeks ago and we purchased him without papers but were told we could get him CKC registered. We are still uncertain if he is really a Maltese. We are thinking he resembles a Maltipoo, which I have a 7 year old Maltipoo. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Welcome to Maltese Talk! He looks like a purebred Maltese to me but if you have doubts, you can always do a dna test. Whatever he turns out to be, he's really precious!

BTW, the CKC registration is meaningless as any breeder can use it without real proof of whether their dogs are purebred or not. Even 'designer' mixes can be CKC registered - there are few standards for it so don't waste your money with registration.

Hope you'll continue to share Lennon's growth and absolute cuteness with us!
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He looks Maltese to me too. But without papers showing his parentage you cannot register him. Forget CKC, it's meaningless, like Jan said you can register a mutt with CKC. You really only need registration if you want to show him.
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Hello and WELCOME to Maltesetalk!

Your new baby looks 100% Maltese to me!!!!!! Has the sweetest little face. The face and the hair look Maltese to me.

And the girls are right.......if you want to be certain that Lennon is all Maltese, you will have to do a DNA test. I did one on my girl, Brandy because her body shape and hair indicated otherwise to me. Low and behold, the DNA came back 100% Maltese.

He is sooooooo cute, I wouldn't care if he was 100% Maltese or not. He is precious!!
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Welcome to Maltese Talk. Your baby looks 100% Maltese to me. You would only really need AKA certification if you were doing breed showing. You don't need that do do any other types of games or agility. Even AKA sponsored events will let you register as a companion breed to participate in events.
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