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Tebow's Mom
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Europe Trip

Our latest trip was a 3 week Europe trip. We did a 15 day transatlantic cruise. We left from Ft. Lauderdale and the first 5 days were at sea. The first stop was the Azores. The Azores are Portuguese Islands that are 800 miles off the coast of Portugal. They are in the middle of nowhere. That was a highlight of the trip for me. It is definitely not a place you can go to on the way to somewhere else. The island was gorgeous. It was a mountainous island and so very green. Green like Ireland! There were bubbling hot mineral springs on the island. We were there on Easter Sunday and saw an awesome procession from the church through the streets. The streets were decorated with a flower/greenery path and decorative quilts hung in the windows. The next stop was Belgium: Brugge and Ghent. I loved Brugge. It is all old, compact and walkable. We did a river boat ride through Brugge that was fun. We did river boat rides in a couple of other cities too. The Baltic coastal cities all have a lot of waterways in them (think Venice). The stops in Holland were Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Rotterdam was pretty much bombed out during WW II so it is newer but there were still interesting sites. The tulips were blooming in Amsterdam. We went to the flower market in Amsterdam and the flowers were incredible. There were tulips of every color imaginable. There were even black tulips - who knew?! Denmark stops were Arehaus and Coppenhagen. Arehaus was my least favorite. That being said it was rainy and it was a Sunday and most things were closed. We did see the summer royal palace. Coppenhagen was the last stop on the cruise. We actually stayed a couple of extra days there. We did another boat tour there. There is an incredible downtown area that is all pedestrian with lot of shops and lots of old cool buildings. Coppenhagen has a little alternative city within the city - Christiana Freetown. Coppenhagen doesn't bother Freetown and Freetown doesn't bother Coppenhagen. Freetown has its own rules and does it's own thing. It is sort of an alternative hippie town. Lots of "decorations/graffiti" like in the hippie days. They build their houses/shops from old recycled what ever they can get their hands on materials. Lots of organic eateries there. It was quite an interesting area. To get home we flew from Coppenhagen to Paris and then from Paris straight through to Raleigh. It was quite a trip.
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Wow, sounds like an absolutely fabulous time! Probably once in a lifetime vacation packed with so many great memories. Glad it was a fun time with lots of adventures!
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Wow, wow, wow!! What an exciting adventure. Sounds absolutely fascinating.
Glad you had a wonderful time.
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