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Best food for you baby?

hi everyone!
Im new to this forum, I'll be picking up my new baby in about 4 weeks, she will be 8 weeks old when I get her, very exciting! Ive been researching puppy foods but I'm curious to hear from experienced maltese owners what you are feeding your babies? I've been looking into a lot of the higher end foods but there are so many! Any specific ones cater better to maltese? and whats your thoughts on adding wet foods to dry?
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I'm currently feeding my 9 month old this, and I plan to transition her to an adult formula in the Fromm brand when she turns one year in August:

Fromm Heartland Gold Puppy

I recommend using this site to research when making your decision of what to feed:

Dog Food Advisor

Also, if you're getting your baby from a breeder, I'd urge you to have them keep her past 8 weeks. Maltese puppies typically don't come home until 12 weeks to be safe, for various reasons. In fact, it's even in the American Maltese Association's Code of Ethics for breeders. Here's some info on that as well!

12 Weeks Worth the Wait
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Good post Emma''s Mom!!!!!!!

WELCOME to the forum MacyBaby2018. And congratulations on getting your new baby!

I agree with Emma's Mom to wait until the puppy is older before bringing it home. So many benefits to the puppy to stay with the litter and mom longer. Really surprised the breeder is not aware of thus or enforcing it.

As far as puppy food.......haven't had a puppy in years so really not familiar with what to feed a puppy but Emma's Mom has experience and does her research and gave you some good suggestions.
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