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Unhappy Dealing w/ Puppy Problems

Okay - back story. Prince was separated from mom & litter mates way too young. At 7 1/2 weeks. He was a surprise puppy and my boyfriend didn't know enough about this - nor did I.

He is honestly a great pup with a large personality. He is rambunctious, smart, playful, and confident. But my goodness, he bites SO hard. Everything. My hair, my face, feet, shoes, ankles, sofa, entertainment center, clothes... It doesn't end. I have tried positive reinforcement by yelping, redirecting to a toy, and if continues - putting him in the playpen. He thinks it's a game from beginning to end. I just don't know what to do.

I have him crate trained at night and he does fantastic (no crying, no accidents) and I tried to give him the freedom of the living room but 2 days ago bought a playpen and put his toys, blankets, another bed, etc in there. He seems to be acclimating alright but he barks like crazy (which is another issue - I can't tell if he's barking because he wants out or if he genuinely has to potty... Sometimes I'll take him out and he will just start biting and then I put him back in and he will potty in the playpen)

I need some serious help as I feel he is spending more time in the playpen then he is out of it because of how much he is acting out. I play fetch with him 3-4x a day for 15-20 min to tire him out but then he goes to my carpet and starts looking, at which point I put him back in the playpen.

Please, if you guys have any advice please let me know. Is this normal puppy behavior?
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I don't have any specifics to help you but know you should react like his mom or another sibling might.
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For biting the furniture - go buy some Bitter Yuck at the pet store and spray it on the furniture he is biting on. That stuff is some might nasty and should stop the furniture chewing. (yes biting furniture is normal biting behavior) Make sure you wash your hands really good after spraying because if just a little is left on your hands and you put your hands near your face, YOU will be sorry. That should really help with the furniture biting. You may need to reapply for a few times. But what I found was they'd leave that piece alone and try another piece of furniture. You may have a good bit of furniture sprayed for a while but it won't hurt the furniture at all.

A lot of puppies tend to be ankle biters as you walk. annoying but normal puppy behavior. just keep telling him no.

Don't feel bad about putting him in the playpen area. It's fine. My youngest 2 still spend a lot of time in the kitchen area (broke the playpen into 2 pieces and block off the kitchen. I work during the day. It was quite a while before they earned the kitchen privilege. Do you have a pee pad in the playpen area. I had one in mine for a long time. Little puppies can't hold it for a long time. You can still do outside pottying along with the pee pad. If he is pottying too much in the playpen you may have to put him in his crate for a while (smaller area - less likely to pee in his smaller sleeping area)

You can try putting Prince on a leash and connect the leash around a furniture leg (like an end table leg or around the couch). When he starts to bite just calmly put him on the floor. Being on a leash he can't go far. When he calms down put him back on the couch with you. Repeat...repeat.... repeat....!

His behavior doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary. Puppies can just take a lot of work for a while. Hang in there.
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When my Yeti was a puppy, she literally made me cry when she bit my ankles. I got a pair of uggs and that took care of it. Saved my feet, toes and ankles. They do grow out of it....ummmm, sorta. Every once in awhile, Yeti will hang on to my house shoes when she tries to play. When they chew, say no and put a bully stick in their mouth.
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Originally Posted by bphslp View Post
When my Yeti was a puppy, she literally made me cry when she bit my ankles. I got a pair of uggs and that took care of it. Saved my feet, toes and ankles. They do grow out of it....ummmm, sorta. Every once in awhile, Yeti will hang on to my house shoes when she tries to play. When they chew, say no and put a bully stick in their mouth.
So true, mine too.

The only one I had issues with biting was JiJi and boy was it bad. The training depends on you. Many train for their fluffs not to bite at all. However, I trained her to bite softly. I took in a few sharp bites but then I was able to have my fingers in her mouth without her biting down. My others dogs grab my hands and place them where they want to be scratch but they never did bite.

If she's used to you screaming then you yelping or screaming no will not help. You reaaly have to rattle her to get her attention. Maybe a can with nickles will help. Or a spray water.

Crate is the only thing that helped her with biting furniture. All my rest never cared to bite into anything that wasn't food.
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Gi, I'm not sure if you watch Cesar Milan , but he use a technical that I used for all my dogs and my boy Maltese (who had similar issues as yours). The technic I use is taking two fingers and poking them with it (your suppose to use the side of the neck I use what ever body part was closer) and say 'et' this mimics the mom correcting them. My little boy is great now ! Everyone always comments on how well mannered he is ! Best of luck !
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