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Tebow's Mom
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"Spring" cleaning

I've just about done everything a deep spring cleaning does and it's just the beginning of Feb. So official spring cleaning should be a snap this year; mainly the porch and the deck. I've done couches, carpets, blinds, etc. Of course, since we have been in this house for 16 years, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. The whole inside needs to be recaulked and repainted. Since we are officially empty nesters now, 2 bedrooms need updating into guest bedrooms. The outside iron railings on the steps need to be cleaned (de -rusted and repainted). Some work needs to be done on the steps from the deck to the patio. Stuff in the attic needs to be purged. Oh the joys of home ownership. Seems one project just leads to the next. Joy joy. I do have to admit I love the clean feeling in the house. Makes being inside for winter better.
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Yep, owning a home is a continuous fix, replace or repair life but there is nothing like owning your own home. We will be in our home 17 years come July and we fell behind on things with his work and both of us being sick. And it gets harder the older you get. We need to purge our attic as well and was suppose to do it when he took a week off. Well it didn't get done and so that us one item on my long list of "honey do" list.
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