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Bedroom redo

My poor fluffs have been so bored today. They haven't gotten much attention and the door was closed on the room we were working in. We have a forecast of 3 days of rain (100%). So we decided to tackle one of the bedroom redos. Since we are now empty nesters, one of my boy's bedrooms is being turned into the grandsons' special sleep over room/slash extra "sports guest bedroom". We got 2 coats of blue paint on the walls today. Tomorrow hubby is going to do the brush work near the crown molding and baseboards. I'm going to wash the sheets and get the beds made up. The room is big enough to hold 2 full size beds. (we had bed shuffle when we bought a king for our room. Our queen went to one of the boys bedrooms and the full in that room went into the other son's bedroom for a while. Until he came back and the extra bed went into the attic per his request. It's back out of the attic now). So the grandsons will have their own bed to sleep in (prevents the endless tickle/wrestling that occurs if they are in the same bed) but still be in the same room. It also works out great for visitors that don't want to share the same bed since the other 2 guest rooms have queen beds. For the brief period of time that we were actually empty nesters before, we once had a full house with all 3 guest rooms in use. I have some things for the wall by combining things from both boys rooms and will pick up a couple of extra things. Football, baseball and hockey will be the decorations from teams the grandsons like and we do as well.
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