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Tebow's Mom
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Ollie had agility class today. He is doing sooo good. I need to get him registered for CPE so he can start trialing. He seems to be a natural. No fear. No sniffing the ground. If he makes a mistake it is my handling mistake. I'm going to see if Bentley can do it again after having been traumatized at the last big meet he went to by starting him all over in a beginner class soon. At least it appears that I still have 1 agility dog. Poor Tebow. He liked it but because of his leg, he is done. I still haven't found a class for him in something new.
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Good for Ollie! When they find something they can really take too, it's so much fun watching them and being the proud momma!
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Maltese Authority
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Yaaaay, you have a way to keep doing agility and it sounds as if Ollie is a natural!
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That is good to hear. Yeti has me doing agility lately. He was always a good puppy.
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JiJi's Mom
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So very proud of Ollie
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