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Big cut

I got my hair cut - a lot! It was past my shoulders and now it is cheek length in a short curly bob. My hair had just gotten to the point I was just pulling it back in a pony tail because the length was pulling out all the curl and all it wanted to do was frizz, frizz, frizz.. Hubby actually noticed. What a shock. I told him the day before i did it but typicaly he forgets and doesn't notice. Last time it was a cut from shoulder blades to shoulder and he didn't even notice. This time he noticed and said "you got a hair cut" in a surprised voice. LOL. Asked him if he liked it and he said he did. Whoo hoo. I like it too. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with it when we go out on the boat. In the past I've had it longest in the summer so I could pony tail it. It won't pony tail this summer. Curly hair does not like wind (turns into a mess that looks like you stuck your finger in an electric socket) so I've got to come up with some sort of plan.
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