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Tebow's Mom
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Preschool Graduation

My oldest grandson had his preschool graduation today. They were so cute. They marched in in their blue gowns to Pomp & Circumstance and sat in their chairs facing the audience. Of course, ceremony was tempered with excitement with the kids finding family members and waving and a few kids calling out "hi Daddy" and "grandma I'm going home with you". They sang some songs, did the chicken dance and got their diplomas. There was ice cream and cookies back in the classroom afterwards. Wow, where did 5 years go so fast!
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Congrats! I can still remember when my 40 and 37 yr. old had their pre-school and kndg services!!!!
When I was working in the kndg classes years ago, we would have over 100 students! What fun that was!
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