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We have been busy. Ben retired and he got the garden tilled and planted. We are having the roof finished this week. I feel sorry for the roofers because we have high winds today. Last night we had a storm with hail. The weather went from the 80's to the 40's. It is suppose to warm up by the weekend. The dogs don't understand why there are people on the roof. They don't like their trailers, their vehicles or their equipment. ha. To add more bark to the situation, Shadow was sitting in my lap. He saw a buzzard swoop in his line of vision. He came to attention, growled and talked to me for 30 minutes. It will be a long week. Hope everyone is OK. Just wanted to say hello from Texas.
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Back at you, my friend...hello!!
When we had our roof replaced, we made sure Jack went to doggie day care for the day. Otherwise, he would have been on patrol the whole time and probably would have tried to get on the roof and be the boss!
Such messes when replacing a roof! Hope the weather co-operates with you when they start up again.
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Howdy! Seems we are all busy these days. I've started working out at Planet Fitness 5 days a week from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM.........feeling stronger and with more stamina. There is always something to do. Busy, busy, busy!
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Shadow, Shadow....LOL Give your Mom a break. She knows all about buzzards.

Carol - do you get free membership at the gym? You sure are an early bird. 6 is the middle of the night in my opinion. When I retire it will be a very rare day I get up that early.

Been busy with work. Had to bring a lot home in order to get a day off for a long weekend. We went to Charleston, SC this weekend. I love Charleston. We went to a plantation this time. Still so many things to do in Charleston for other times.
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