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Tebow's Mom
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Favorite Cooking Appliance

What is your favorite/most used kitchen appliance? Mine is my Large electric skillet. I didn't realize how much I rely on it until mine died last week. I do a lot of skillet dinners and asian dinners (where you add in the cooked rice and sauce at the end) and you just can't do it in a regular sized skillet on the stove. Especially when you are cooking for 4. For example tonight I made country cube steak. It would have taken 2 regular skillets. Last week got interesting without my trusty skillet. Had to nix several plans because it would have been too much effort. Bought a new skillet this weekend and I've already used it twice !
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Mine is the crock pot. Use it at least three times a week making hearty soups, stews, ribs, Cornish hens, etc. Love it cause I can put it on in the morning and only have to make side dishes at dinner time. I have two 6 quart pots. Definitely would replace one asap if one broke.
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Mine is my Mom's cast iron skillet that she gave me years ago. I have all kinds of appliances that are suppose to make my life easier, but at the end of the day I reach for the cast iron skillet. ha.
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Maltese Authority
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I don't have a favorite. Each appliance has his own use depending on what I cook.
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