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Tebow's Mom
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I'm back

Hi all, sorry I've been off for a while. Hubby and I took a week cruise. So the week before and the week after at work involved mega hours. However it was worth it. We did a very unusual cruise for a week. We took a week cruise to Cuba. We went to 3 cities: Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos and Havana. We had 1 day in Santiago and Cienfuegos and 2 days in Havana. We were on one of the last cruises the Fathom did to Cuba. They are going back to England. Some of the bigger lines are doing a quick day stop in Havana but none are doing what we did. Having grown up in Miami, the Cuban history was very prominent in my life (Cuban Missile Crises, Cuban refugees in Miami). The trip was very interesting. I felt very comfortable while we were there and wouldn't hesitate to go back. Some of the buildings have been beautifully restored and are gorgeous. However, right next to them are buildings that families live in that make me feel so fortunate to live where we live. The people were friendly. I think they are glad to have American tourism. Yes there were some beggars but no more so than what you run into in any big city. The old cars in Havana are gorgeous! I'm glad we had a chance to see that. Cubans are slowly being allowed to have a little bit of private entrepreneurship and I wonder how quickly that is going to change what we saw. It was a trip back in time and history.
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Maltese Authority
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Glade you had a nice time. We watched a documentary last week about cancer research in Cuba. They are able to prolong the life of lung cancer patients with a kind of vaccine. It's called CimaVax. Google it, you will find plenty of articles. They are very good when it comes to health care.

By the way I think that this forum is dead. Nobody posted in the last 2 weeks.
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So glad it was an enjoyable trip. I really enjoyed the pictures!!!! There was a bed in one of the pictures that blew me away!!! Welcome home.
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Sounds like you had a splendid time. All the doubling up at work was surely worth being able to have such a great adventure!
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