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Tebow's Mom
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Thanksgiving Tales

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did - with all the good and the mishaps. I cooked. The food was good. Except for the gravy. I just can't seem to replicate my Mom's gravy. Her stuffing I have down pat. Lots of help getting dinner on the table. My daughter helped with the potatoes, helped with setting the table and made the rolls. Evan and Austin (grandsons) helped place the silverware on the table and 'helped' shine my few real silver pieces (candle holders and cranberry sauce serving tray. Eric was the master turkey carver. Brett (youngest son) made trips from the outside fridge to the table and opened the wine. Hubby took care of taking the doggies out and keeping them out of my hair. I think everyone had plenty to eat. Now the mishaps..... Evan threw a ball and hit a wine glass on the kitchen island. Broken glass and red wine went flying! At least the glass broke into even pieces and the wine was on the counter and the hardwood floor (not carpet) which was an easy clean up. Austin decided he was going to pull on a blind cord for whatever reason. He pulled it straight towards him and the valence popped off, fell on the floor and broke off the corner ended into three pieces. Son-in-law to the rescue - a little wood glue and another valance clip and the blind valence is back up as good as new. Bryan (middle child who is a pilot and flying this holiday) called and we had fun talking to him even though mass bedlam was going on as the little boys were making all kinds of noise while they played bowling and hubby was trying to entertain them while son-in law was fixing the valence. A great Thanksgiving and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Maltese Authority
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We had a nice Thanksgiving at our daughter's house. Weather was warm and we ate on the patio under the canopy. My son in law did the cooking. No Turkey. He made a kind of soup with clams, mussels and shrimps. Followed by prime rib with small potatoes and green beans. He never cooks the green beans to my liking, he cooks them restaurant style and I like mine very tender. Of course his look better on a plate than mine and he added chanterelles mushrooms.
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Our Thanksgiving was 'what could possibly happen next' kind of day.
My husband got lightheaded and fell in the bedroom. He seemed to be ok after a minute or two and a couple hours later we went to our youngest sons house for dinner. Jack got to come along and play with his cousins. The food was great, my son did the main items, we brought the yams and pies and my d-i-l's mom made the salad (Olive Garden recipe). My husband had another episode but he didn't fall this time.
We were home by 6pm, he went to bed and got up later at 9pm and had another episode of being lightheaded. So, off to the ER we go. Thank goodness it was not busy at all and we got in right away. He had numerous episodes in the ER. They took blood, did an EKG, x-rays and CT. Wanted to rule out a stroke. All those tests came back normal. He had gotten a bad virus a couple weeks ago and is still battling it. They think he got the BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) from that.
By 2am we were up in a room and he had 2 more episodes. They got him settled and I left, got home around 3am.
I was so tired I laid down on the bed and was out right away. At 4:30am our whole area lost power! Finally came back on at 6:30am.
Called the hospital, the heart dr. wanted a test done and if that was ok he could go home. He had therapy and they started him on 25 grams of Meclizine every 6 hrs. He also has to have more therapy sessions.
Also, I had a major monster cramp attack in my right calf and thank goodness my son was home to help me. I couldn't even straighten out my leg. I had to have him literally take my leg and force it to straighten out so I could get up and stretch it out. I rubbed my miracle solution on it and drank a cap full of it with water and in about 1 minute it let up.
So, we had the most uneventful Thanksgiving to date!!
I had to cancel going out with my girlfriend today....our annual Black Friday Shopping Day! First time in over 25 yrs. we missed it.
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