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Tebow's Mom
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Teeth cleaning

Tebow and Bentley had their teeth cleaned today. Glad it is over. Always makes me nervous. Everything went fine and no teeth had to be pulled. The vet did call before they put Tebow under. He had 2 slightly elevated liver enzymes. Vet wasn't worried but wanted me to know. All the rest of his blood work was fine. They will recheck the blood work in 6 months. Geez - seems like there is always something to worry about with these babies.
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Maltese Authority
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Good that they did not have to pull teeth. I always worry too.
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I worry myself sick and the vet knows it so as soon as he is finished with the cleaning, he calls me that they are fine but still makes me wait until the afternoon to pick them up. Except for when Kallie was the patient. They would always let me pick her up early because there was nothing they could do to keep her from barking and she had one loud bark for such a little dog.
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At us, each campaign to the veterinarian is exciting.
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Good to hear this..
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