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Hello from Jenell

A lot has happened at our house. All my fur babies are fine. They need grooming so that is next thing I will do. Some idiot let their dog loose that was in heat. My peaceful household became dog fights every little bit. Had to go back to our Field and Trial training techniques. Yes, the little Maltese can turn to pit bulls no matter whether they are fixed or not. ha. It was so unexpected, I got a pretty bad dog bite. They are now my sweet cuddle bugs. Shadow my tiny guy has a very unique ability. He can find tumors and illness in the human body. He knows when someone has a problem and will alert. That being said, my hubby, had 3 heart procedures after experiencing chest pains. Doctors have fixed his heart. Shadow would not leave me last year and would come up right up to my mouth and sniff. He would whine, and sit on my chest and stare. He would lay across my body. When I started swelling he would lick my ankles, whine and lay across my ankles. I decided it was time I went to doctor. Turns out I have an adrenal tumor. No surgery unless it grows. Feel so blessed to have Shadow. Shadow also is the one I have to watch. A guy that Ben knows came into my yard unannounced. Shadow bit him on the ankle. Sorry for the long post but thought I would catch everyone up on the Parker's. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes!
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Welcome back! You are so lucky to have a live-in 'Dr.' in your house! I'm sure his fee is not bad either! Glad you and hubby both are doing better.
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