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Puppy hair to adult hair transition.

Hello. Everyone has been so helpful here with my concerns. Iím not new to dogs, we have a senior Golden Retriever for 12 years now, but having a Maltese is so different on so many levels! Of course I knew that when getting my little queen
I read somewhere Malteses are going through a coat change from the cotton fluffy fur to a silky shiny adult hair.
My question is, how does this happen? Does the hair fall out gradually and is being replaced with the silky hair? Iíve noticed some of her hair is already looking like human hair but they are the same length as all the other hair
How does it work and how long does this process last?
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You won't really see the process. The adult hair mats more.
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All my dogs were adults when I adopted them and they all had different coats so never saw any hair changes from puppy to adult. But diet and grooming certainly improved the quality of their coat.
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My Olivia will be 2 in August and she's still a fluffy furball! I didn't really notice a significant change in her coat.
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