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Baby Powered?

Hey I was reading that Baby Powered is not good for my baby because it has TALC in it. I went to the store and looked at different Baby Powered and they all have TALC in them. All of them where Johnson and Johnson. I put it on him Daily to help keep him smelling good and to keep is coat white. I am wondering is this true that the TALC is not good if so what should i use to help keep him smelling fresh and white?

The reason i put it on him is because when i take him for walks or outside he sometimes get that outside smell to him.
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I have no idea about the powder.
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Yah was wondering if its safe
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If talc causes cancer in humans, just think what a small amount would do to your baby.

There are many dry baths and deodorizing products for dogs on the market so you don't have to use baby powder.

Please don't use baby powder or anything else containing talc on your baby. Always research a product before using it to avoid any problems.
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I know about the baby powder controversy. Nothing is really proven yet. I use baby powder on myself a lot and I buy the Johnson brand. When you buy, check the label. Johnson has some that is pure corn starch. That's what I buy. Mine is scented with Lavender but they have some with Chamomile too.
Now, why would you put this DAILY on your dogs coat ? I don't bathe mine every week and he still does not smell bad. I use the baby powder on myself to dry up some areas, so putting this on your dog daily I would think that after a while he will come down with dry skin. And that is not what you want. And like Jan said, there are other deodorizing products on the market. Something else that I was told by a show breeder when I got my first Maltese, never brush a dry coat. Frankly don't know how true this is. But when there are mats I use a detangler. All the products I use are chemical free. I buy from Aroma Paws. They might not make his coat as white as other products, but they are chemical free and I don't care about the whiteness.
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Wow I didnt know it cause cancer. I am not going to use this on him anymore. He doesn't really stink so i am not going to put it on him anymore. I found some a spray at Walmart called Oster Fresh Snuggles freshening spray. Is that safe for him to use? And i am trying to prevent dry skin so i wont use it anymore because it gets cold in this mountains.
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