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Unhappy Dog-Flu outback in our county, 5 dogs dead so far!

Sorry, the heading should be 'outbreak', not 'outback'!!!!

Over 1,000 dogs have been diagnosed with canine infectious respiratory disease. The flu is transmitted from dog to dog, with no threat to owners or other pets. Many doggy day care centers and groomers have closed till this subsides. The cases started coming in to vets back in January and have climbed steadily.
This flu is different from the kennel cough. With the flu, the dog has "honking" coughs, fever and loss of appetite. It can go into deadly pneumonia very fast.
I'm so sad for the owners who lost their dogs to this flu. I hope it gets under control fast. Jack has not been to doggy day care for over 3 weeks and he doesn't get groomed until the 23rd. I hope it's all over by then.
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Wow. that is scary!
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Oh noooo. Perhaps keep the pups at home for awhile. Texas had a year of the dog flu. It is scary and deadly.
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OMG!!! That is awful. Might be difficult but I would quarantine my dogs at home for a while
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