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Thumbs up Our state county just might be getting this right!!!

The Chicago city council has voted to make it illegal for pet stores to sell puppy mill dogs!!! They must get their dogs from shelters, rescues and this has made some of the pet stores say they just might move to the suburbs. But, the whole county is suppose to have this go into effect, so they won't be able to get away with it. I sure hope this helps shut down a lot of puppy mills.
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Good for Chicago. They are very strict about breeding in Texas. Some states treat dogs like cattle. I am not a big fan of rescues because they are becoming profit organizations with too much control....just my opinion. There are several on my FB wall. At times they are vicious and argue with other rescues or attack an individual that is asking for help. I have a high respect for anyone who gives their time to dogs, but their way is not the only way. When Texas wrote laws about breeding, the puppy mills were dumping dogs on the roads. Someone who they never caught dumped over 40 Maltese on the road. They divided the dogs between different city shelters. People drove hours to adopt because adopting thru the cities is about $30-$40. The line of people went for blocks. The local news had announced that the dogs were available and listed the city shelters. The rescue organizations went into the shelters and pulled all those dogs. People were furious. The purpose of rescue is to place dogs and unfortunately, they did it for profit. This happened before Yeti. I called immediately and the Texas Northeast Shelter told me to be at the shelter the next day at a certain time. So glad I did not make the trip because it turned into a huge mess. I am cautious of rescues because of PETA. They were killing dogs and dumping them into trash dumpsters. All the money donated was going to their administration. They were also responsible for sneaking into cities and towns and giving the cities a sales pitch to change their ordinances. I was a part of a group who tried to stop their activity. I have sat in my car at night watching the Ft Worth Shelter. They were selling the big dogs to laboratories and not holding them the required time for the owners to retrieve them. I interviewed the manager of the Dallas Shelter and she hated it that the City was forcing her to relinquish the dogs to the laboratories. She told me that they had changed the 3 day hold to 24 hours. They were getting $50 dollars a dog vs. $30 to adopt a dog out to a new home. We stopped the way they did business but now the rescues are profiting off the dogs that they rescue. It is a bitter sweet story.
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Rescues are like any other charity organization. Do your research before you donate or adopt. (I won't donate to any charity that uses paid solicitors.) There are several very good rescues around me. They are not for profit and basically when you adopt you are paying for the neuter/spay, vet check, grooming, and their upkeep while they were in the rescue. Support the good rescues. We do need them out there. Our county humane shelters can't handle all the dogs.
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I totally agree. I tried adopting a dog (any breed) before getting my first dog. It was a hassle and every small dog was already taken so they said. The prices were unbelievable. I understand paying the cost of neutering or spaying and medical wise but one place was charging $600 for a dog in a shelter. No wonder so many dogs are still in shelters.
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In the case of the maltese, the rescues only pulled the maltese. I try not to think about it because none of the other dogs were pulled. I know when the shelters go to the media and say that there are too many dogs and announce some will have to be euthanized, they have been great to announce it, people come in groves to save the dogs. The shelters have been more successful than the rescues in Texas. The cost is low. However through a rescue, the prices are extremely high. I don't know if you guys watched Westminster but they announced 3 old breeds were almost extinct. You have to ask yourself if the dog world is going in the right direction.
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That sounds like a wonderful idea; hopefully they follow through. There are so many little dogs out there that do not deserve to be in shelters.
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