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I have another Yeti story. She is definitely the alpha female of the house. She herds cats and has no fear if a feral cat does not do what she wants. No bites but she will chase them and roll them. She likes some people and some people she keeps an eye on them. She protects our yard and makes sure no dogs come up within a few yards of our fence. In fact, she will bark if she sees someone a block away from the house. She does not like loud vehicles. She does not like anyone in a uniform which includes the FedX people. However, we can put the blender on the cabinet, and she starts shaking. She wants us to pick her up. We put her over the gate so she can retreat in the den. I cannot figure out what is so scary about the blender. lol Just like clockwork, when the smoothies are done, she whines to rejoin us.
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Haha, oh that Yeti! So brave! Funny how the blender affects her so much.

Well as most know I have 33 clocks that make a real variety of sounds. Chimes, cuckoo with music, bim bam, gongs, etc......just a variety of sounds as well as a variety in loudness. When I bought my last one (not as in the final but as in the most recent ), it has a bell and only rings once every hour. When we first got it and it went off, I thought our Krissie was going to have a heart attack. she went into such a panic and would freak out and jump off the couch, even in a dead sleep, and try to flee the room with fear on her face. We moved the clock in the guest bedroom and that helped. We are now in our sixth month of having that clock and she has finally become use to it and sleeps right through the ring.
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Funny dogs. It's amazing what scares them. Ollie barks at the garbage cans that go out on the road on Thursday evenings. Cans go out every week....just saying......
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